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Trend Spotlight: Autumnal Pastels

As the weather outside slowly turns from glorious sunshine to slight-less-glorious blustery winds and rain, there’s no doubt that Autumn is here. For any lady who loves a colour change, the A/W season is a great time to try out a new shade or cut. You might think a pastel pixie cut or colourful bob is exclusive to the brighter months, but Pastels are bigger than ever, with a bit of a twist. Here are the latest autumnal pastel shades we’re loving.

Question? Daily Shampooing?

Firstly, it’s a habit, “Well, I’m in the shower, so its easier!” It’s not bad to wash hair every day as long as you choose the correct shampoo & conditioner for your hair texture and needs. But it is also important to wash your hair regularly, as a healthy scalp and hair need clean, sebum and lactic acid reduction. 

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