About us

The EM² experience is different, relaxing, earthy, familiar but always highly professional. However we love to have a laugh from time to time… Ok, most of the time!

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About us

Established in 2003, our vision at Em² has always been to bring the highest standard of hairdressing and service excellence to our customers. We have always achieved this by developing and maintaining a team of passionate experts and keen trainees who thrive in our creative environment. Personalised, focused consultations are at the centre of the Em² experience. We strive to understand our customer needs and ensure everyone has the best possible experience - along with amazing hair!

With more than a decade of experience under our belts, we still have the same vigour and enthusiasm that Em² started with, which is obvious through our high quality work and fantastic recommendations. The core of our philosophy is ‘constant learning’ - with every member of our team enjoying regular additional training in the latest hairdressing and styling techniques as well as refreshing their basic skills.

Every piece of work on display in the salon is our own - something we’re very proud of. With services ranging from vibrant hair colour through to expert treatments and cutting-edge styles, we love to exercise our creative muscles and bring hairstyles to life. Em² also participates in numerous local, national and international competitions to ensure that when it comes to the latest skills and styles, we’re firmly on the map.


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