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Trend Spotlight: Autumnal Pastels

As the weather outside slowly turns from glorious sunshine to slight-less-glorious blustery winds and rain, there’s no doubt that Autumn is here. For any lady who loves a colour change, the A/W season is a great time to try out a new shade or cut. You might think a pastel pixie cut or colourful bob is exclusive to the brighter months, but Pastels are bigger than ever, with a bit of a twist. Here are the latest autumnal pastel shades we’re loving.

Question? Daily Shampooing?

Firstly, it’s a habit, “Well, I’m in the shower, so its easier!” It’s not bad to wash hair every day as long as you choose the correct shampoo & conditioner for your hair texture and needs. But it is also important to wash your hair regularly, as a healthy scalp and hair need clean, sebum and lactic acid reduction. 

Hair On Stage London 2017

Having just returned from Hair On Stage (HOS) London April 2017, we are so motivated with seeing the very latest looks from our Davines colleagues that we’re eager to show you when you pop in!

5 Tips for Preventing Split Ends

If, no matter how hard you try and how much TLC you give to your thirsty tresses, your ends just keep on splitting. For those of us who use straighteners and curling irons on the daily and spend the extra hours trying to shield our hair with all the right products, it can still seem like the battle of the split end is one that we will never win.

EM² Featured in Hair magazine

EM² is a Gold Star Fellowship of British Hairdressers Salon, they believe in the sharing of ideas & education by a group of like minded people with the same goals.

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