Think Futuristic: The hair colours that are the staple to start 2018

Think Futuristic: The hair colours that are the staple to start 2018

Looking to update your style for a fresh and new 2018? 


Then the future theme might just be for you.

Having just completed an inspirational and exciting Davines master colour and cutting course, we're very excited here at Em² to get stuck into this season's colour trends.


Stunning Silver


Though deep greys and dazzling platinum have been a trend that stuck through 2017, this year has brought a new colour into the mix; ice grey hair is the latest trend to sweep Instagram and Pinterest, and for a very good reason.

The perfect contrast to a monochrome outfit, or an ethereal addition to a floral look, ice grey, or silver, hair is here to stay. Such a light and precise colour needs a professional touch to ensure a perfect finish - and that's why we recommend a gradual transition to this on-trend colour.


Deep Denim


One of the most out-of-the-blue (get it?) trends that have popped up in 2017, and continues into 2018, is the denim blue style. Designed to produce a muted effect - with absolutely no brassiness allowed - this colour has been used for anything from perfect ombre styles to all-over shades that create a new level of dimensionality.

Often paired with cool blacks or browns, denim hair is the perfect way to add some flair to your everyday look, without trying too hard.


Getting (and keeping!) the Perfect Colour


With anything from teal blue to bright pinks available in just about every supermarket and cosmetics store, changing your hair colour is easier than ever. But if you want to keep your hair picture perfect for longer, and look beautiful for as long as possible, put down that box! When it comes to colouring your hair unusual, vibrant or bright shades, the toll on your hair can result in unhappy tresses and a serious amount of fading.

That's why choosing salon colour is your best option; we look after your hair for you, and ensure that your beautiful blues or stunning silvers are vibrant for longer. If last year's peachy and rose gold based trends are more your style, we can help with that too.

Want to make an impact with your hair? Book an appointment today to get that on-trend colour without the less-trendy hair damage. We love colour!

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