Question? Daily Shampooing?

Question? Daily Shampooing?

Firstly, it’s a habit, “Well, I’m in the shower, so its easier!” It’s not bad to wash hair every day as long as you choose the correct shampoo & conditioner for your hair texture and needs. But it is also important to wash your hair regularly, as a healthy scalp and hair need clean, sebum and lactic acid reduction. 

It is a personal choice, those of us with naturally unruly or curly hair, find that hair looks/behaves better on the second day and thick course hair takes forever. Those of you with short crops can do daily, as your style requires use of styling products which build up on the hair and the regularity of trims ensures good condition.

Red heads are a different matter! the more you wash, the more your colour is compromised. Where possible go for a red shampoo & conditioner to put back the tone that you are washing out. Best practice is a red shampoo and a leave-in conditioner, as the more you rinse the red colour molecules, the more they detach.

We recommend washing every other day or third day and when not shampooing use a Dry shampoo in between. KMS Makeover spray is amazing!

Do you agree?  Ask us to prescribe products for you.

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