New Hours

New Hours

We are going part time. 

We will be opening slightly longer on the three days to fit you all in.

This will help with our energy costs and for a work life balance.

We will suck it and see and if it appears that we need more appointments for you we will revisit this.

We love looking after you all and the majority of you do confirm your booking through the link we send you two days before. But we are sorry to say that some do not confirm.

Our 24 hour cancellation policy ensures that we do not lose money when people don't show up, and others waiting for appointments can get them.

So, moving forward to ensure that you have your slot guaranteed, please confirm.

Otherwise the appointment will be cancelled.

We operate a cancellation list which has proved successful and should we need more appointments we will look at opening another day.

In the meantime please help us work through this cost of living crisis. Hopefully these small changes in our opening hours will ensure another 20 years of fantastic hair!!

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