Hair feeling blue? Perk up your winter look with our 3 tips

Hair feeling blue? Perk up your winter look with our 3 tips

As we enter a cold and wintery February, it can feel like it’s a long time until Spring.

And it feels even longer til the warm Summer months. If frizzy, dry or just lacklustre hair is making your Winter even worse, then a trip to a great salon can make all the difference.

If your hair is feeling the strain from the cold, then consider our top pick-me-ups for sad locks.


Try a Trim

For hair that’s starting to frizz or is full of split ends, a small trim can mean the difference between a messy ‘do and a sleek style. For styles with fringes, a trim can bring life back into your hair; and for hair of any length, a quick tidy up can greatly improve the quality and feel of your tresses.

Using a great hairdresser for a trim can leave you feeling on top of the world – and is worth every penny.


Get Moisturised

There’s nothing worse in the cold winter months for your hairstyle than constant temperature changes, lack of humidity and central heating – all of which your hair certainly won’t thank you for. If your hair is feeling dull and dry, a professional hair mask treatment can turn your hair from miserable to moisturised in just one session.

Our Davines Nou-Nou Mask can provide all the pampering and care your Winter hair needs.


Bring on the colour

In the colder months, everything can feel a bit dull and grey – but that doesn’t mean your hair has to. Stunning scarlets, vivid blondes and warm chestnuts, not to mention any number of vibrant shades, can add a certain something to any Winter look. Why blend in when you can stand out?

Salon colouring not only offers you a risk-free way to improve your hair; it gives you a positive experience overall, which makes your new ‘do all the more special.

Want to perk up your unhappy hair? Book an appointment today. For a Weston-Super-Mare salon with the skills to turn your hair from dull to dazzling, look no further.


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