Stay Vibrant this Summer with Salon Care

Stay Vibrant this Summer with Salon Care

It’s nearly summer, and festival season is on countdown.

From stunning pastel shades to teased styles and dramatic updos, there’s no doubt that festival season brings out the boldest and brightest in all of us.

But when it comes to keeping your hair healthy and shiny in between festivals, a salon is your best bet.


Go Professional


Store bought dyes, colours and chemicals might look great for one weekend of the year, but for every other week you’ll soon find that home-coloured hair just doesn’t have the healthy shine or vibrant finish you want. Going professional with your hair doesn’t just ensure you get a consistent, quality colour that looks good from any angle.

When you visit a salon, you’re putting your tresses in the hands of professionals, who know the best way to keep your hair healthy when bleaching, dyeing and cutting. At Em², we use Olaplex to ensure even the most intense bleaching sessions keep damage to a minimum and leave you with vibrant and healthy hair.


Get Recommended


A salon doesn’t just give you access to on the spot care for your hair - they can also provide you with the right products and recommendations that match your ideas, and more importantly the needs of your hair. Who better to turn to than people who work with hair every day?

At Em², our brand of choice is Davines, and we can expertly advise you on what’s best for what’ on your head; whether your hair is dry, lacking volume or has too little shine. We use the products every day, so we know what works and what doesn’t.


Stay Sharp


A blunt fringe or dramatic style can look stunning when cut, but a few months of regrowth will soon leave your sharp look decidedly dull. Pixie cuts and undercuts
in particular can soon look overgrown and messy.

Opt instead for regular salon visits to keep your hair on-point, and even improve the growth rate of longer locks.

Hair has never been more intricate than it is today, with a multitude of high maintenance styles and colours out there to choose from - so go 50’s and keep your ‘do’ done. A good salon will be able to keep even the sharpest cut current.


Hair feeling flat, or style not what you want? Then a salon is what you need. At Em² we have the expertise and knowledge to make your hair the best it can be. Just book an appointment online today if you’re in the Weston-Super-Mare area. We’d love to see you.

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