Our New Norm

Our New Norm

We still have no absolute confirmation of when we will be permitted to reopen, for now the ‘earliest date’ that the Government and SAGE team have given is the 4th July 2020. This said we have been planning, working out how we will all work and stay safe as we move forward. So, as a team we thought we would share with you our safe working guidelines, these have been inspired by the requirements of the Barbicide Covid-19 certification we have all been through, the guidelines implemented in Germany and the best advice available to us from the NHBF and other diligent Salon teams around the country. Hopefully you will recognise the need for us to take this approach, we believe it will protect you, our customers, and our lovely team.


Your health is our main priority.

We have put processes in place to protect everyone when on the premises.


All staff will be wearing face masks / visors for close up work. We will all be wearing single use gowns and fresh gloves for each client.

All equipment and surfaces will be cleaned and sanitised after each client throughout the day.

When you arrive we will ask you to sanitise your hands... we will also be giving you your own single use PPE pack this includes, single use gown, we ask that you bring your own face mask, but if you cannot we will provide you with a single use face mask, we are not planning to charge you for these as you will be asked to place these in a high temperature laundry bin when you leave. These will all be laundered at High Temperature after each use.

Towels will also be used once and then laundered at High Temperature after each customer for your safety and ours this will ensure everything within the salon that we use on you is treated correctly and there can be no cross contamination.

We are limiting the way staff work in the salon, each stylist will be doing their own colours to limit your contact with people, wherever possible, so, you will be just coming into contact with your stylist and our receptionist. We are encouraging all customers to use the online https://www.fresha.com/download-app app, this allows you to book and pay for your service completely ‘hand free, if this is not possible we may/will ask you to pay by card. Our card machine will be disinfected before and after each payment. We will not be handling cash.

Our waiting area will be limited to just one person at a time, this means that it is vital that you come on your own to your appointment, at the time of your appointment.

* If for any reason you cannot come alone please contact your stylist well in advance of your appointment so we can plan best how we will adhere to our strict social distancing procedure.

We are going to be massively busy, so please DON’T BE LATE... if you are late, we will run late and this will negatively impact others, If, you are late, we may have to turn you away and you could still be charged.

We will be asking all of you to either leave your coats in your cars or place them in your bags... this will ensure that your belongings don’t come into contact with anyone else’s.

There will be no dry cuts or fringe trims for the foreseeable future (we have to work with freshly shampooed hair)

Children’s cuts will still be available, however, these children must be at an age where they can have their hair shampooed (again if your child is at an age where he/she needs to be accompanied by an adult please contact your stylist and we will do our best to accommodate you whilst still adhering to our social distance policy )

We will not be offering magazines, so feel free to bring your own reading material but also please take it away with you when you leave. Hot drinks (not cold) will be offered in disposable cups, no other snacks will be offered, we understand that you will need to displace your mask to drink a hot tea or coffee, but please replace your mask between sips. This is temporary until the distance rules are lifted by the government.

Our main salon is fully marked out with the correct measurements in place to ensure that we are all ‘socially distanced’ at all times.

Our online booking system is open and we have booked the period of time between the 4th and the 25th with the customers who had appointments that we were forced to cancel due to lockdown. We have contacted these people and if you haven't heard from us, then please check your texts/messages/email as we may have the wrong contact details for you.

Cancellations need to be no less than 48 hours before your appointment.

We are unable to offer any discounts at this time.  As previously stated, people must come unaccompanied for their appointment and as we cannot have children under 12 left alone. So, we will not be able to offer any children’s services, until the social distancing rules have been further relaxed. Talk to your stylist for advice.

Once we do re open, as a team we will be trying to fit in almost every single client that comes to our salon, so late cancellations, no shows and late arrivals will mean someone else misses out on their hair and we lose out on wages. So, we will have to charge for these at the full price of the booked service.

Thank you all for your understanding and co-operation throughout this outbreak of COVID-19, Thank you for your patience and more than ever thank you for working with us to ensure we create a safe and happy place to be.

We will update you on any changes.

The Em2 team

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