March Appointment Notifications!

March Appointment Notifications!

We are proud to be part of the Fresha Family!

This is our new computer software which allows you to book online and amend/reshedule your appointments.

As of this month March. We now ask you to confirm your appointment with your card details...

We have had clients who haven't shown up for appointments or cancelled late and therefore made it difficult for you, our regular clients to be able to get an appoinment. So, when you get a message from us asking to confirm your appointment please get in touch. We should hate for you to be charged if there is a genuine reason why you can't make it.

Business can be difficult to manage staff hours and time off when appointments change at the last minute and this new feature can help us facilitate this better... Remember the last time you were at the doctors and saw all the missed appointments and thought "Wow, that many! " and you couldn't get a time suitable for you... please think about how it impacts on us. 

If there is another reason why you don't want to keep your appointment, don't keep it to yourself, please tell us... We don't know how to help you if you can't tell us and positive feedback helps us improve your service.

Thank you Em x

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