Here we are again.  We were all notified at 8pm last night! Yes, we knew it was imminent, but a tadd more notice would have been nice...

Anyway, This needed to happen and the whole country is in the same boat and we are following Government guidelines completely. At least there is a vaccine this time, so hopefully it can only get better.

We do not know when this will be lifted, but if you keep an eye on our Facebook and or Instagram there will be updates as and when we receive them.

Like we said back in November, don't be shy. Please do get in touch if you need any products as we can arrange something to get you through. I have had a conversation with our suppliers and there is an order coming. So please don't use anything that may damage your hair.  If you are staying at home, then putting a treatment/mask on your hair for the whole day, could be just what you need. 

When we return, which we will!

Please remember, when you come in we still can't take your coats, so, bring a bag large enough to put your belongings in.

Thank you for your continued support at this trying time...



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