Latest Update

Latest Update

The announcements of the last few days have been as confusing as they are enlightening, and it appears that almost everyone we speak to has a different view of how and when we will be coming out of Lockdown. What is most important is that we should all stay as safe as we possibly can. Amid all of the confusion we have turned to the National Hair and Beauty Federation. They have been in direct contact with Government in an attempt to clarify the position and I can confirm that the requirements for Hairdressers, Barbers and Beauty establishments is now clear and is as follows:-

Dominic Raab this morning (11/05/2020) has said that hospitality and ‘personal care services’ such as hair and beauty salons and barbershops in England will not be able to reopen until 4th July at the earliest.

We understand that this is massively inconvenient, but we also completely understand that these measures are for everyone’s safety.

Em2 Hair online bookings will be opened up from the 10th of July 2020. If we are indeed permitted to open from the 4th of July, we will contact the customers that we have been forced to cancel during these difficult weeks. If you have an urgent requirement then please contact us via our FB page and we will do our very best to make an appointment for you.

Please note that our online booking system allows for people to pay for their services via an App, this means that you will be able to manage your booking with us as a completely contactless transaction, we urge you to download this.

We have already re-configured the salon to ensure that we work completely within the social distancing guidelines that have been adopted in Germany as our minimum standard. This will mean that during your time with Em2 you will only come into the close proximity of your stylist. You will be provided with a single use gown. There is ample hand sanitizer available (we have already obtained 20ltrs), single use gloves and face masks will be worn by your stylist. If you are able to wear your own face masks please do, if you are unable to obtain them, we have commissioned the manufacture of masks which will be laundered at high temperature between each use, we will be happy to provide you with one for the period of your appointment.

During Lockdown we have not been complacent, and all of the team have completed COVID-19 online training and qualified to operate in a way that minimises risk to you and them.

These are very very difficult times, but we have every intention of being here for you, the moment we are permitted to reopen.




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