Hair Envy February

Hair Envy February

Hair Envy February! 

Did you ever look at someone else and wish you had that look? 
Let's face it we all have those days. 
Well, now it is even easier to achieve the celebrity look with the right advise and products! 

If there is a particular look you are after then save it on Pinterest or bring in the picture to show us. This way we can help you get to your goal and if we think it won't work with your hair type, then we'll let you know... diplomatically!

Pop in and have a chat and we can get you sorted with all the products you need to get that lush look.

Hair feeling rough? 
Our Davines Natural Tech range is fantastic for fixing what you've lost.
Prescriptive hair care advice is available when you need it most.

Calling all curly haired beauties out there! 
Curls always suffer the most when the seasons change.
If you have noticed your luscious locks waning then you need KMS Moisture range. 
Designed carefully to give you everything you need in one product.

Blonde hair don't care! 
Does this sound familiar to you? 
Well, Our Blonde shampoo and conditioner is perfect for keeping that true. With the silver pigmentation toner in the shampoo it helps keep those dreaded yellow tones at bay, without compromising the feel of the hair and can be used daily if necessary.

Curls Curl Curls!
We love curly hair here and so should you!
If you have been spending years straightening your hair and hiding your lovely curls STOP! 
KMS have designed a whole range called Curl Up for you to express your wild side!

Wanting Thick Lush locks?
Our Davines Energising range is designed to promote hair growth and encourages thickness, talk to us about the course of action to take and prescriptive choices to give you more.

Day at the beach?
With our Davines sea salt spray you dont have to go to the beach to get that beautiful beachy wave! Plus many more products to give texture in their range along with the KMS too. Just Ask... We are here for you.




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