Anti-Perspirant Or Crystal Stone

Anti-Perspirant Or Crystal Stone

Our bio-degradable sustainable deodorant stones

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Crystal deodorant is a particularly buzzy option right now among people looking for something natural to put under their arms. But what is it, exactly?

“I have used this ‘Thai Deodrant Stone’ for several years now and here’s how it works… Wet the stone and apply to your freshly showered under arms, dry the stone and put back in the packet, otherwise the stone disintegrates like soap and also becomes less effective. I found this out the hard way!” - Emma Male em2Hair


The mineral salts in crystal deodorants prevent the growth of odour-causing bacteria, However, the crystal deodorant doesn’t actually stop you from perspiring, which for a lot of us out there might be a problem.

Should you switch to crystal deodorant?

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